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Apple Color OneScanner™

The Apple Color OneScanner is an A4 flatbed scanner capable of resolutions between 75 and 300DPI. Scanning at 300DPI, a single page took about 20 seconds. As its name suggests, the Apple Color OneScanner was a color scanner capable of detecting 16 million colors at a 24-bit depth. Introduced in 1991, the Apple Color OneScanner was terminated in 1992.



Type: A4 Flatbed
Resolution: 75 dpi to 300 dpi
Color Depth: 24 bit, 16 million colors
Scanning Area: 8.5 in x 14.0 in (ca. A4)
Speed: 20.4 secs. per scan at 300 dpi
Interface: SCSI
Power: 45 W
Weight and Dimensions (US): 23 lbs., 4.4” H x 13.6” W x 21.8” D
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 10.4 kg, 11.2 cm H x 34.5 cm W x 55.4 cm D

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