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Apple Silentype printer, 1980 for Apple // & Apple III -

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The Apple Silentype printer, Model: A2M0032 was the first printer produced by the company, released in June 1979 for US$599 [1], at the same time as the Apple II+. It is a thermal printer, and it uses special paper provided on a roll which is placed underneath a cover at the rear of the printer. It is a relatively small printer, though it provides 80 column output. When used with the Apple III, the Silentype printer was plugged into joystick port-A, which it could share with other devices. (Info Source: Jeff's Computer Haven Home Page)

The SilenType printer needs its own specially designed interface card, or an Apple III with the built in Silentype port. It is mechanically identical to Trendcom's Model 200, except for the Apple logo in the lower left corner of the front cover, but the internal digital board was completely redesigned by Apple, removing the relatively expensive microprocessor and memory chips, relying on software in the Apple II instead. It was succeeded by the Apple Dot Matrix Printer, released in October 1982 for US$699.

A company named Trendcom made two printers that were significant in the history of the Apple II. They had two models, the 100 and the 200. Instead of using the mechanics solenoids that drove pins in a print head, these were thermal printers that needed a special heat-sensitive paper. Their operation was very quiet, about as loud as sliding your finger across a piece of paper. They were inexpensive compared to other printers of the day (most of which cost over $1,000), although the printing looked very much like that produced by a dot-matrix printer. The Trendcom Model 100 printed 40 characters per line on paper that was about 4 1/2 inches wide. The Model 200 could print 80 columns per line on paper 8 1/2 inches wide. Compared to the first printer offered by Radio Shack for their TRS-80 computer (which was also a thermal printer but used an ugly silver paper), the Trendcom printers were very nice.

The significance of the Trendcom printer was that Apple chose it as the first printer they released under the Apple name. It could be programmed to control printing of each dot in a column, and so was ideal as an inexpensive means of printing Apple II hi-res graphics. Apple included a special interface card and released the printer as the "Apple Silentype" in June 1980 for $599. It was identical to Trendcom's Model 200 except for the Apple logo in the lower left corner of the front cover.[11] One legend suggests that part of the popularity of this printer at Apple stemmed from the fact that its small size allowed it to fit under the seat of Steve Wozniak's private airplane.

Read the Apple tec. sheed 1 and sheed 2 about the Silentype printer. (courtesy of

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Apple Silentype Printer - Apples erster Drucker ! -

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Hier bieten Sie auf einen Original Apple Silentype Termodrucker für den Kultrechner Apple II, Apple//e, Apple III, produziert im Juni 1980 für einen Preis von $599. Dieser Drucker ist der erste Drucker der von Apple verkauft wurde. Der Druckkopf ist leider beschädigt. Der Drucker wird daher als defekt verkauft, für die Vitrine ist er aber super, er ist recht klein (er hatte nur 80 Zeichen breite...) und ist in sehr gutem optischen Zustand. Eine Rolle des originalen Termopapiers wird mitgeliefert. Am Apple III konnte man den Drucker direkt am joystick port-A einstecken.

Great optical condition. In sehr gutem optischem Zustand.

Serial number: 009485 - one of the first 10.000 Apple Printer. Einer der ersten Apple Drucker.

The printer with the roll of paper and a copy of the technical sheed from Apple.
Der Drucker mit dem Papier und einer Kopie des technischen Datenblattes.

Das Silentype Thermopapier. -

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