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80th Roboter "DICKIE" by BoToy in 1985 - Museums Item

The Roboter is in good optical condition, but it seems to be defect, the battery cover is missing, maybe repairable. Sold without any guarantee.

"DICKIE" Robot dated 1985. All plastic, silver colored. Trade Mark BoToy. Made in China, #3366. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). In working order it does move around but he stops sometimes and needs a little push. His eyes light up pink, and he makes the motor sound. Stands 8" high by 4" across.

80er Jahre Roboter "DICKIE" von BoToy 1985, Museumsstück

Der Roboter ist in sehr gutem optischem Zustand, technisch jedoch nicht funktionsfähig, eventuell reperabel.Wird als Vitrienenstück ohne Funktionsgarantie verkauft. Gebaut von BoToy im Jahre 1985.


80th Roboter "DICKIE" by BoToy in 1985, without function

Trade Mark BoToy. Made in China, #3366.

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